• Award Winning Sickle
  • Ideal For Clearing Nettles, Briars, Thistles, Undergrowth & Vegetation
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Comfortable Rubber Grip
  • Easy Sharp Slicing
  • Lightweight Aluminium Handle

This Darlac Sickle is an award winning sickle that is perfect for clearing nettles, thistles, briars, undergrowth and vegetation. With its razor sharp carbon steel blade, it makes quick work of any pesky weeds. This sickle features a light aluminium handle with a solid and reliable rubber grip.

This Darlac Sickle is very sharp and cuts via slicing rather than a hacking action, the blade can also be resharpened if it becomes dull. This sickle does not require a lot of strength and you can pull back on the end of the handle at the end of the swing. Remember to take care when working with sharp objects.


Product is ideal for:
Clearing Nettles, Briars, Thistles, Undergrowth & Vegetation​
Key Features & Benefits
Lightweight Aluminium Handles With A Soft Touch Rubber Grip, Award Winning, Easy Sharp Slicing,
High Carbon Steel
Approx. Product Weight
Overall Length
Product Type
Hand Tools
Scissors & Snips