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  • High Nutrient Plant Feed
  • Helps Plants Against Environmental Stress & Pest Or Disease Attack
  • Natural & Completely Organic
  • Great For Flowers, Fruit, Veg & Loads More
  • Economical Concentrated Mix
  • 1L Bottle

Organic Liquid Seaweed is a great plant feed, being full of nutrients and providing your plants with everything they need to grow healthily. While protecting them from environmental stress, pests and disease attacks. This plant feed is ideal for flowers, fruit, vegetables and many more plants, as it is an all purpose source of natural nutrient.

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A concentrated liquid seaweed extract for healthy growth of plants, flowers and vegetables. Regular use will help plants withstand environmental stress and pest and disease attack. Use as a liquid root drench or foliar spray on flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and trees.

  • All-purpose source of organic nutrients
  • Bigger crops of tastier fruit and veg
  • Healthier plants - more resilient to disease

How To Use

Shake before use. Measure the required amount of liquid seaweed, add to water and stir well. Apply using a watering can, fine sprayer or hose-end dilutor. Liquid Seaweed may be mixed with liquid or soluble feeds.

Liquid Seaweed Mix Guide For Different Uses

Safety Information

Eye contact

Irrigate with water thoroughly. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.

Skin contact

Remove contaminated clothing immediately and wash skin with soap and water. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.


Wash out mouth with water and seek medical advice.


Remove to fresh air.


Plant Feed
Application Method
Water Can, Fine Sprayer, Hose-end Dilutor,
Product Type
Plant Food & Fertiliser