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Our viburnum plants are a delightful, elegant plant. They have small pointed oval leaves, that look delicate but are in fact quite hardy. They are a versatile, easy to grow shrub, that is sure to thrive in almost every garden. There many different varieties to choose from, with plenty of different sized types to choose. Including evergreen or deciduous shrub varieties.

This viburnum plant pictured is a viburnum tinus. This is a larger variety, growing up to 4m tall! It grows incredibly densely, meaning it is great for filling out space or as hedging, or border plant. This shrub has glossy dark green, oval shaped leaves. And then during the winter and spring, out pop clusters of creamy white flowers. Finally these plants also produce berries in autumn and winter, that turn from metallic blue to black.

There are quite a few different types of shrubs to choose from. With this plant starting at £19.99. These plants are available from our Honley site at 12 New Mills Road, HD9 6PL.

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Plant Type
Positioning Requirement
Full Sun, Partial Shade,
Soil Moisture
Well Drained Soil, Moist Soil,
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