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  • Easy to Light 
  • Quick & Cheap BBQ's 
  • Burn Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins
  • High Quality Charcoal 
  • Long Burn Duration
  • Controllable heat
  • Large Charcoal Chunks
  • High Heat output
  • 3 x bags of 200g Wood Chips
  • 24 pages of food smoking recipes 
  • Turn your BBQ into a smoker
  • Mini Hot Smoking Starter Kit
  • Charcoal or Gas BBQ Use
  • Turn Your BBQ into a Smoker
  • Strong Aroma & Versatility 
  • Ideal for Red Meats & Fish
  • Use on Hot Smoker or BBQ
  • Light & Mild Aroma 
  • Ideal for Poultry & Fish 
  • Use on Hot Smoker or BBQ
  • Pleasant, Sweet Aroma 
  • Ideal for Various Food Types 
  • Use on Hot Smoker or BBQ
  • Bodies but Mellow Aroma
  • Ideal for Meat & Fish 
  • Use on Hot Smoker or BBQ
  • Sweet & Mellow Aroma 
  • Ideal for Pork, Poultry & Trout
  • Use on Hot Smoker or BBQ
  • Heavy Wood Smoke Flavour
  • Ideal for Beef & Salmon 
  • Use on Hot Smoker or BBQ
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • Bright & Lively Flame
  • Easy To Light Firewood
  • Quick Heat Output
From £6.00
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • Authentic Firewood Smell
  • Bright & Lively Flame
  • Moisture Less Than 20%
From £4.25
  • Easy to Store
  • Low Moisture Content 
  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs
From £11.00
  • Includes 6 x 200g Wood Chips
  • Unique Flavours From Across The Globe 
  • Includes 24 Page Recipe Book

BBQ Charcoal & Cooking Woods

Want to make the most of the sunshine and invite guests to eat al fresco?

Fitzpatrick Fuels’ range of high-quality barbecue fuel has you covered, no matter which tasty treats are on the menu.

What is the best fuel for a barbecue?

How you heat your grill depends on convenience and your taste buds. We offer the very best of two popular BBQ fuel sources: charcoal and wood. Both impart far more flavour than gas-powered set ups, and can be tailored to deliver a classic smoky aroma and taste profile.


Charcoal briquettes, consistent and reliable, are the most recognisable fuel on a garden barbecue.

Our Restaurant Grade Charcoal delivers a high-heat output while burning for longer, and guarantees flavoursome results.

Its versatility means you can use it with a range of appliances, from simple garden BBQs to professional grilling equipment.

Cooking wood

Another classic option for backyard dining. Wood is consistent, abundant, and packs plenty of taste.

Our cooking woods are available in 25L and 40L nets, or 60L sacks.

Wood chips

Made from a variety of trees to accompany different food types, pure wood chips are relative newcomers to the grilling and barbecue scene in the UK.

White meats, such as chicken or pork, absorb the flavours of fruitwoods like cherry and apple. Beef matches perfectly with hardwoods like hickory, while fish makes for a brilliant combination with cedar.

And what if I’m cooking pizza?

Our kiln-dried logs are ideal for multi-fuel stoves and pizza ovens.

A low moisture content means they burn hotter and for longer, making them great value for money.

Fitzpatrick Fuels sells 60L bags of hardwood logs – available in ash, oak, birch or alder – which are made to order.

How we can help

As your preferred professional supplier based in West Yorkshire, we always provide high-quality products at low prices. If you have any questions about our barbecue fuels, or would like some advice, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Complete the enquiry form on the contact us page or call us on 01484 653 768.