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  • Gardening Tips for Beginners
    Outdoor Living

    Gardening Tips for Beginners

    Want to spruce up your outside area but not sure where to start? In this guide we give you some handy tips on gardening for the complete beginner.

  • Seasonal Planting: What Can You Plant?
    Outdoor Living

    Seasonal Planting: What Can You Plant?

    When it comes to your garden and keeping it fresh and vibrant, it can be hard to know what to plant in the different season. So in this guide we'll go through the seasons and what you can plant.

  • Firepit Safety
    Outdoor Living

    Fire Pit Safety

    Fire-pits are a great addition to any garden. In this guide, we look at some things you need to consider from a safety perspective, including where to position it.

  • Firepits: What Fuel To Use
    Outdoor Living

    Firepits: What Fuel To Use

    It’s a question that we see constantly come up, what wood should I be burning in my fire pit? Can I use charcoal in my Firepit? Here we go into detail of what to use.

  • How to measure your garden for aggregates
    Outdoor Living

    How To Measure Your Garden For Aggregates

    Knowing how much gravel/stone you need to be able to carry out your garden project is key before you begin. We have put together a little guide with some handy tips to give you a good estimate.  

  • How To Maintain Your Aggregate To Keep It Looking Fresh
    Outdoor Living

    How To Maintain Your Aggregate To Keep It Looking Fresh

    Looking for tips & tricks on how to maintain your aggregate garden to keep it looking fresh? This guide tells you everything you need to maintain the garden.

  • Prep Work for Laying Aggregates
    Outdoor Living

    How To Prep For Laying Aggregates

    What you need and what steps are taken to prep your area ready for your aggregate.

  • Aggregate Stone Buying Guide
    Buying Guides

    Aggregate Stone Buying Guide

    Looking into aggregates but don’t know where to start? Want a bit more info before you go ahead? Then look no further! 

  • How To Start A Fire In A Firepit
    Outdoor Living

    How To Start A Fire In A Fire Pit

    In this guide we’ll be teaching you the best way to get a fire going in your fire pit, as getting a fire going can be a struggle for anyone and you don’t want to have to resort to using accelerants such as lighter fluid.

  • How To Create A Low Maintenance Garden
    Outdoor Living

    How To Create A Low Maintenance Garden

    This guide goes through all the ways in which you can create a low maintenance, effortless garden, that still looks amazingly vibrant and full of life.