£4.00 per net
  • Clean, Dry Kindling
  • Use To Start The Fire
  • Accompany With Firelighers

Using kindling is the easiest way to start your fire. The low moisture content of our kindling means you only need a couple of sticks to get your fire off to a great start. 

Our kindling is registered with the Ready to Burn scheme, certificate number: WS480/00002 

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What is the best wood for kindling?

Ideally, small pieces of dry softwood. 

We use pine or spruce in our kindling nets because they are renowned for catching fire quickly and easily. All the firewood we sell is air dried before being split and put into a kiln. It stays inside for an average of seven days, drawing out excess water to leave a moisture content rating of less than 20 percent. 

This results in a clean, high-quality fuel that is perfect for starting fires in a multi-fuel stove, wood burner or chiminea. 

If bought in bulk, our nets – each weighing 4kg – are available at a discounted rate. 

Should I use kindling or firelighters?

Why not opt for both? 

We think it’s a more reliable way to get your fire started, and the products in our range are simple and hygienic to use. 

Together, firelighters and kindling produce a bright flame for long enough to ignite your kiln-dried logs.  



Singular Product Weight

Fuel Specification

Product Type
Type of Fuel
Kindling & Fire starters
Wood Species
Pine and Spruce
Type of Wood
Place of Origin
Burning Features
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to Control
  • Easy to Store

Suitable For

Burning Appliance
Multi fuel stoves , Open Fires, Chimeneas, Wood Stoves, Fire pits ,

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