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  • Easy to start a fire
  • Low moisture 
  • Clean soft wood
  • Great price
  • Approx. 4kg 

Using kindling is the easiest way to start your fire. The low moisture content of our kindling means you only need a couple of sticks to get your fire off to a great start. 

From £3.70
  • Kiln dried logs 
  • 13 - 15kg in weight
  • Long burning 
  • Low moisture content 

These nets are made up of kiln dried Birch and weigh 13 - 15 kg. Birch logs are easy to light, and have a nice bright flame.

From £6.00
  • Kiln Dried Logs
  • Bulk Order
  • Great value for money
  • Local crane off delivery

Kiln Dried Logs are a high quality fuel that have a good burn time and heat output. The builders bags weigh approx. 240kg and are a good option to go for if you have the storage. 

From £84.99
  • Kiln Dried Logs
  • Value for money 
  • Approx. 550kg
  • Local crane off delivery

Large crates offer approx. 550kg and are good value for money. These kiln dried logs have an average moisture content of 15%. 

The external size of the crate is 122 x 106 x 116cm.

  • Low Cost Firelighters
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to store
  • Manufactured by Tiger Tim

These firelighters are manufactured by leading manufacturer, Tiger Tim. These firelighters are a low cost way to start your fire, and each pack can be separated into 15 individual firelighters. 

  • Leading brand Firelighters
  • Individually wrapped 
  • Easy to use 
  • No lasting smell

Tiger Tim firelighters are made by a leading brand, the firelighters are easy to use and typically stay lit for approx. 4 minutes. 

They are individually wrapped, with 18 firelighters per pack. In our opinion, using these firelighters is the easiest way to start a fire. 

  • Call to order
  • Custom built log store
  • Trendy wall feature
  • Made to order

This beautifully unique log store is made locally upon request. The ring is available in multiple sizes, including; 4ft, 5ft and 6ft. 

The cost of these log stores start at £375, which is for a 4ft ring, including local delivery. If you require prices for other sizes, or wish to make an order, please call us on 01484 653 768 to discuss. 

As this product is made to order, the maximum lead time is 4 weeks for delivery.  

Call for price
  • Bulk Order
  • Kiln Dried Logs
  • Value for money 
  • Approx. 780kg

Kiln Dried Ash logs will be back in stock on Monday 3rd December. Kiln Dried Birch Logs will be back in stock on Thursday 6th December. All orders placed will be delivered after these dates. 

2m crates offer approx. 780kg and are good value for money. The logs are 25cm in length and have been kiln dried to have a moisture content lower than 20%. 

From £285.00
  • Hardwood ash logs
  • Kiln dried 
  • High heat 
  • Multi appliance use 
  • High quality

Kiln Dried Ash logs are a very popular hardwood. Kiln dried logs ensure a clean burn with maximum heat output, with a prolonged burn time. 

From £4.75

We have a fantastic range of premium kiln dried logs including; nets, bulk bags and crates. 

They have consistently low moisture content and can give off up to three times more heat than seasoned logs. 

Kiln dried logs are air dried before they are split and put into a kiln, where they are dried on average for 7 days. This then gives a moisture content below 15%.