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  • Easy To Handle 15kg Bags
  • High Heat Burn
  • Low Ash & No clinker
  • 495kg Per Pallet

    Was £264.00
    Save £19.00
    • Packed Into 15kg Bags
    • Easy To Store & Use
    • Low Ash & No clinker 
    • 975kg Per Pallet
    Was £460.00
    Save £20.00
    • ENPluss A1 Wood Pellets
    • 15kg Bags, 975kg/Pallet
    • Strong, Durable Packaging
    • Low Dust, No Clinker
    From £8.00

    Biomass wood pellets are an increasingly popular choice of fuel. Fitzpatrick Fuels wood pellets come from a renewable source, making them a friendlier fuel for the environment. They are manufactured by compressing sawdust, without any kind of chemicals or additives.

    Wood pellets are a low carbon, highly combustible wood fuel which provides heating and hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial users.

    Fitzpatrick Fuels wood pellets are a premium quality pellet, with nothing but positive feedback from our customers. We buy these pellets from an ENPlus producer, and they are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), meaning you can claim back on the governments RHI scheme.