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  • Packed into 20kg bags
  • BSL Registered
  • 1000kg/pallet
  • Low moisture content 
  • Little ash residue

Fitzpatrick Fuels Premium Biomass Wood Pellets for Stoves and Boilers are made by an ENPlus producer and are registered on our BSL. The pellets burn with low ash, and no clinker. Each bag weighs 20kg, and a full pallet contains 50 bags (1000kg on a pallet). 

These Biomass wood pellets offer great quality and value for money. 

The BSL number is: BSL0154329-0006

From £6.50
  • BSL registered 
  • EN+ A1 producer
  • Low dust, no clinker 
  • Eco friendly
  • Cost effective

Packed into a bag containing 1150kg of biomass wood pellets, this buying option offers real value for money. 

Fitzpatrick Fuels purchases these wood pellets from an EN+ A1 producers, and we have registered them on the BSL. 

The pellets are made from 100% virgin timber, and are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our wood pellets are of premium quality, offer a high heat, low dust and clinker free burn. 

These wood pellets are suitable for use in wood pellet boilers, and wood pellet stoves. 

  • Kirklees/Calderdale Delivery
  • BSL registered 
  • High Quality Pellet
  • Delivered direct to pellet store
  • Up to 3 tonne delivery

    Our Biomass wood pellets used for blown deliveries are of a high quality, they are bought from an ENPlus producer, and registered on our BSL. The wood pellets have a high calorific value, and have a low ash content. These pellets burn well and do not leave any kind of clinker in the boiler system. 

    Please note, our blown wood pellet delivery service is only available for our local area, which is Kirklees and Calderdale.

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    • EN Plus Approved 
    • No additives or chemicals
    • BSL registered 
    • Efficient fuel 
    • Packed into 10kg bags

    Balcas Brites wood pellets are the leading brand of wood pellets, they are well prices, provide a great quality burn and heat, and they do not have any additional chemicals. 

    An alternative to Balcas Brites Wood Pellets are our own Fitzpatrick Fuels Premium Wood Pellets.


    For more information on the UK pellet shortage, click here to read our blog post: https://blog.fitzpatrick-fuels...

    Wood pellets are increasingly becoming a popular choice of fuel. Wood pellets are a low carbon, high combustible wood fuel, which provides heating and hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial users.

    They are manufactured by compressing sawdust. Wood pellets offer a clean and easy to use, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels. All our wood pellets are BSL registered.