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  • Low Cost Firelighters
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to store
  • Manufactured by Tiger Tim
  • Up to 2 Hour Burn Time
  • Very Easy To Light 
  • Easy to Store 
  • Convenience 
  • Easy to Light 
  • Quick & Cheap BBQ's 
  • Burn Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins
  • Eco-Friendly Firelighters
  • Odourless & Natural
  • Made From Wood Shavings
  • Long Burn Time 
  • Consistent Heat 
  • Easy to Light
  • Roasting and Smoking 
  • Deep, smokey flavour
  • Authentic grill taste 
  • Easy to light 
  • High Heat
  • High Quality Charcoal 
  • Long Burn Duration
  • Controllable heat
  • Large Charcoal Chunks
  • High Heat output

Best Charcoal To Use With Your Barbecue

We often get asked many questions as to which charcoal is the best one to cook with. As barbecues vary immensely and different users require different qualities from their charcoals. It is best if you read through to then have the information to choose which charcoal best suits you!

Below we have outlined the benefits of each product when used specifically for cooking on a barbecue. You can find more information on this topic on our charcoal blog post.

Restaurant Grade Charcoal: 

Restaurant charcoal is made up of large chunks of lumpwood charcoal, giving it a longer burn duration. This charcoal is perfect for cooking food at a high heat for a longer time. As with when you light a BBQ, the coals will smoke initially, but will then reduce to more of a smoulder giving off a high heat, low smoke, and little ash to clean up after the burn cycle. This charcoal is perfect for cooking for longer periods of time.

Lumpwood Charcoal: 

It’s high burning temperature and shorter burn time, tend to make this charcoal ideal for cooking dishes and food that don’t require a long burn time or a low heat. Its shorter burn time also leads to the user having to add charcoal more often to the BBQ.

Charcoal Briquettes:

These Briquettes are made from charcoal that has been heavily compacted under pressure and they are often sold at a price cheaper than either lumpwood charcoal or restaurant grade charcoal. Making it a great cost effective option.

Although generally charcoal briquettes will last for longer than lumpwood charcoal but will burn at a lower temperature, this isn’t the case for cheaper briquettes including softwood briquettes and instant light briquettes. These will last a shorter amount of time but users will find them easier to light. The long burn time and low heat makes this charcoal ideal for slow cooked meals, such as stews or slow cooked beef.

Instant Light & Disposable Charcoal:

This charcoal is perfect for getting instant results and being especially easy to light. While not the best charcoal for cooking with, it's not only easy to use but it gets the job done quickly as well. Buy this product if you want an easy to use, hassle free cooking session.